The LGBTI Connect Team

Providing access to aged-care services in a culturally safe way.

About LGBTI Connect

Co-created with members from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) communities, ECH LGBTI Connect provides culturally safe access, navigation, advocacy and connection to aged care services for and from LGBTI community members in South Australia.

ECH is South Australia’s 
only Rainbow Tick accredited aged-care service provider.

ECH is a not-for-profit enterprise highly committed to being inclusive of clients and staff with differing backgrounds.

In 2017, ECH became the first – and only – South Australian aged care provider to receive Rainbow Tick accreditation by meeting six national standards of inclusive practice and service delivery for LGBTI clients.

The Rainbow Tick accreditation demonstrates to current and future ECH clients, as well as ECH employees, the commitment ECH makes to being a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for members of the LGBTI community.

Meet the Team

The ECH LGBTI Connect Team comprises five older members of the LGBTI community with a deep appreciation of the fears, concerns and challenges older members of the LGBTI community face as they age.

A conversation or meeting with an ECH LGBTI Connector will be culturally safe, highly confidential and non-judgemental.

Watch the video and get to know a bit more about the ECH LGBTI Connect Team.

ECH  – Proud Major Sponsor of Feast Festival

In 2017, ECH committed to a five-year partnership of Feast Festival – Adelaide’s only not-for-profit LGBTI Queer Arts and Cultural Festival.

The arts have an incredible ability to bring people together and since its inception Feast Festival has been entertaining the crowds as well as acting as a beacon for social change while also promoting, compassion, equality and inclusion.

ECH is proud to support an event that celebrates diversity and enables people to live their true colours.

Discover the Possibilities

The LGBTI Connect Team bring the community together through a number of social events each month to rekindle connection or create new connections.  This is a gentle way to get to know the Team and to access information and advice on a range of aged care services to help you remain living confidently and independently as you age.

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